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Pigeon, like pigeons during wartime, delivers messages from the frontlines. Telling true stories that can entertain and uplift. Coming in under budget and on time, Pigeon is truly the hardest working bird in Hollywood.

Founded by show-runner Paul Harrison in 2015, Pigeon is a full-service production company based out of Los Angeles. Throughout his career, Paul has produced hundreds of hours of unscripted television for OWN, CBS, MTV, Discovery, National Geographic, A & E, Animal Planet and many others. From Wicked Tuna and Fast & Loud, to Iyanla: Fix My Life and 8 Minutes, to Laguna Beach and Punk’d, Paul has launched a multitude of successful series, creating story arcs, formats and franchises that carry on from season to season.

Much like our mighty mascot, the Pigeon.

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